The Client: Kaye King Marketing Mentor is run by Kaye King. Kaye makes marketing easy for small business owners who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and perhaps even afraid of marketing.

Service provided

Kaye contacted me as she needed to systemise her business so that she could outsource more and free up her time. She was also looking at building new funnels and getting those in place working for her after she had sadly lost her previous VA.

Initially, I conducted a deep dive for Kaye where we looked at the current systems and processes, identified gaps, and where further automation was possible. Following this I provided a full report on my recommendations with an option to work with me further on implementing these. , to identify where further automation could be put into place, if additional/alternative systems were required, and to ensure that the processes were documented fully with the support of training videos where required on the different tech systems used.Kaye King: Deep Dive and Active Campaign Set Up

The report informed the 2nd stage of the support I provided to Kaye, which was to get her Active Campaign account set up and working efficiently – part of this involved setting up email authentication which is critical for all businesses using email marketing software as it improves deliverability and this is often forgotten when setting up a new system. Alongside this, I fully audited Active Campaign, created new systems and processes for all of the key funnels in the business, and provided training videos for any new funnels that were set up.  Throughout the process, I liased closely with both Kaye and her VA team.

We have now moved into a maintenance phase and I am pleased to be able to support Kaye further as her business grows and develops to ensure her processes grow with her.

Kaye said

“My head is less busy now that the processes for my business are documented and working well. There is always more to do, and these things evolve, but I sleep better at night knowing that Sarah is there to help me with that.”

Client benefits

Kaye now has a working operations manual that covers the key processes for the business and how they link to the active campaign funnels. This includes lead and prospecting processes, sales processes and processes linked to the key online products. This manual has been shared with her VA Team so that they can pick up all of the regular manual admin tasks freeing up Kaye’s time to work directly with her clients

“I’m so glad I found Sarah and would actually like to clone her so I could have my very own Sarah in my business all the time!!”

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