Online Business Consultancy


Having the right foundations in place is critical if you want to grow your business.


As an Online Business Consultant, I will review your business, identify any gaps in your foundations and provide advice, guidance, support and the ALL important actions to get your business ready to grow.

I work with my clients intuitively, I listen to your plans, needs and frustrations, to create a plan that works for you, links to your values and gives you the right tools for growth.

My business consultancy will allow you to get on with the day to day whilst I focus on the bigger picture.

So How Does It Work?

We’ll initially have a review of your business that will cover:

  • What your aims are both personally and professionally
  • What your core values are
  • What success means to you
  • Your current successes and challenges
  • Your current systems and processes
  • Your target market
  • Your goals and barriers for growth and development

After this 2 hour call, I’ll put together a report with my recommendations personalised to your current business challenges and growth plans.

After you have reviewed the plan we can have a 30 minute call to discuss any questions you have and the next steps.

Investment for initial review and report: £600

“My head is less busy now that the processes for my business are documented and working well. There is always more to do, and these things evolve, but I sleep better at night knowing that Sarah is there to help me with that.

I’m so glad I found Sarah and would actually like to clone her so I could have my very own Sarah in my business all the time!”

Kaye King

Marketing Mentor

Next Steps

1. Take the plan and implement it in your business with your current team


2. Work with me as your Online Business Consultant to put together a project plan and work to implement the recommendations alongside you and your team.

This will take the form of 1-3 days a month of support, including a fortnightly 30 minute – 1 hour call, and email/WhatsApp within my business hours to discuss any questions or queries and capture any new ideas you have.

This support will be for a fixed period to achieve your goals but can be extended as your business grows and develops.

Investment: £500 a day (based on a 6 hour working day)

“Sarah took that whole pressure off me and did it for me. She gave insight, came up with suggestions & solutions, communicated really well and to the point where I pretty much allowed her to run with the project as she knew more than I did! I had total faith in her understanding of what I needed and more importantly, she has provided me with notes and videos on how the work flow progresses and if I need to make changes, I feel well-equipped to make those changes if I ever need to. I also know that Sarah would help me again if I ever needed it and I will most definitely use her again in the future if I need to. Thank you Sarah, you’ve been fab.”

Jo Richardson


My Experience

I bring 10 years of experience as a freelancer and business owner, as well as 15 years of project management and administrative management experience from my previous career.

My clients feel:

  • Empowered
  • Confident
  • Clearer
  • Relieved
  • Organised
  • Supported

“Sarah is the best thing that happened to my business. When you run your own business, you assume you can do everything, you can’t! Sarah does things in half the time it takes me and I know with confidence that there are great systems and processes supporting my business as it grows. What Sarah excels at is seeing how you can improve your business, and make it more efficient; it’s really helped me gain clarity, get a business head on and invest time and money where it really matters.”

Sophie Fletcher

Auther and Hypnotherapist

Is This For Me?

Yes, if you are a woman in business and are aligned to growing your business and know that you need the right foundations and systems in place to do this.

You need to be open to listen to my suggestions and ready to let go of control so I can find the right solutions for you.

You will recognise the importance of delegating areas of your business that aren’t your strengths.

You will have trust and intuition and be authentic in how you do business.

Got a question, then pop over to my how I work page where I have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions by my clients.

Ready To Work With Me?

Book a free 30 minute consult call with me to see if this is the right next step for your business growth.

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