It’s not all database management and word processing that a Virtual Assistant can do. Did you know that we can assist with your blog management too? Having a regularly updated blog is crucial for SEO and keeping your customers up to date, but it can be difficult finding the time to get it looking just right and as effective as it can be. That’s where we can help.

We’re not copywriters but we know how to make your blog look great

Writing a blog is just the first step in getting the results you’re looking for from your blog. Careful management and knowledge of what works well in terms of customer expectations and SEO are also needed.

Once you have a written blog (sorry, we’re not copywriters so we can’t help you with that – but if we need one we will know one!) hand it over to us and we’ll format it, add pictures, and make sure that it looks good and easy to read. A blog might be full of useful information that will benefit your customers but if it’s hard to read or looks dull, your website visitors are unlikely to spend too long looking at it.

Optimised images are important – images that actually back up what you’re saying and not just a stock image plucked off the internet of a smiling face or business meeting. It has to be relevant and interesting to your readers – pictures are usually what generates the curiosity to read the blog in the first place. They also need to be SEO optimized so your blog can be found easily on the search engines – title tags, alt tags, etc, all need to be filled in correctly.

There is much research conducted into what makes a blog perform well and readability is one of the highest ranking factors.

Short paragraphs and easy to read sentences are important. Whilst we’re not going to edit your work, we can make slight alterations to keep the format looking good. This includes using SEO heading tags correctly and adding Meta data and other SEO basics to the blog for search engines to be able to understand what your blog is about.

Once the blog is all ready to go and been published, we can help you get it noticed too! By creating a schedule of ‘social sharing’ we can retweet, post and comment on the blogs to encourage sharing by our followers, and their followers and so on. It takes just one blog to go viral for you to reap the benefits and we can certainly do our best to help you achieve that.

So if you haven’t started your blog yet, or feel you may need some additional expertise to help it work harder for your business, get in touch today to discover how blog management could work for you.