The Client: TG Physiotherapy Care is owned by Tripti Gyan and offers medical physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation services to adults with musculoskeletal symptoms, ranging from general aches and pains to highly complex conditions post-surgery.

Service provided

Tripti and I have been in the same networking group for a while and also met many years ago via a mutual friend!

Back in 2017, I received an email from Tripti asking if I could help her automate her booking system, which at that point in time mainly involved text messages back and forth with patients to schedule, reschedule and confirm bookings. Many business owners use this system for bookings in the early days but it can be very time-consuming!

Before sending a proposal to Tripti, I identified a shortlist of 4 possible booking systems that met her requirements and from this, she choose Acuity.  Once she had signed up for an account, I configured this for Tripti, linked it up with her payment gateway and set up the two different booking options.

I also liaised with Tripti’s web designer to get the booking system linked to her website so that new and current clients alike could book appoints via Acuity.

“Sarah’s help was invaluable in setting up an online booking and advanced payment system on my website. She researched and cherry-picked the options that would suit me and spent time advising me of the pros and cons of each one. She then liaised with my own website designers, working alongside them to build this new booking onto my existing website. Sarah even sent me a video explaining how to navigate around the new system..”

Client benefits

Tripti now has up to 2 hours a day free to focus on her clients or spend time on her own self-care.

Here is what she had to say:

“Giving my patients control over arranging their own appointments means that I don’t have to spend time ringing, texting and returning calls. This has given me back at least 1-2 hours per day to get on with other business work. My patients know now that there is an option to schedule an appointment themselves, and I can rest assured that there is a monetary trail for all advanced payments received.

Sarah is professional, knowledgeable, and has an intuitive insight into what small businesses and their owners need to help things run smoothly”