I usually post here about news in my business but I wanted to share some thoughts as well this week.

As women we so often try to do everything, especially when we are building our businesses – and it is often only when we hit crisis point that we ask for help. I have seen this with several of my clients, and I really want to help you realise that by investing in a little support even on an ad-hoc basis you will avoid crisis and ensure that you have dedicated time for yourself too.

When you are starting a business you are everything – the office manager, finance manager, marketing manager and CEO. You do the strategic management as well as the day-to-day customer service – but do you actually know what you do on a daily basis and what tasks are critical to running your business?

its a long road ahead


Are you ready to take on support for your business?

If you are approaching a point where you want to begin to take on an employee or work with a virtual assistant you need to know what you want to hand over to them. So in order to prepare for this you should start by getting a list of all the tasks that you do/need to do for your business. Then review the list and identify the tasks that are critical to the success of your business – then review it again and look at all the tasks that could be done by someone else.

The ones that you identify as both critical and able to be done by someone else are ones that  you can outsource – for those that aren’t critical you need to review whether you should be doing them at all – ask yourself what value they add to the business or your profile – if you can’t see any value to the task that you need to review if you should be doing it all.

I really hope that this short post helps you.

Sarah 🙂