Why did I decide to start my own business?  I have a good, secure part time job, my children are settled in childcare – why take the risk?

The answer is simple, I want a better balance for my family 🙂

Yes I have a good job but the travelling is hard.  Yes my children are settled but they are tired. I needed a way to reduce the craziness of life and so after a brief conversation with a Mum at school I came up with the idea of ‘Banks’ Business Solutions’.

In the last two months I have gone from an idea to building a website to obtaining my first client – its been exciting, daunting and hard work all at the same time. However I know that in the long term this will be the right decision for me and my family.

I hope that through this blog I will be able to share some insights into starting a business, administrative tips, technical know how and some of the ways I manage my work and personal lives.

Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments of tips you would like me to share in future posts.


(I so wanted to use this as it reminds of a time when mobile phones were new and I had a Nokia 3310 which I used this to sign off all my texts with!!)


PS for those that don’t know TTFN stands for ta ta for now!