Five Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Banks’ Business Solutions

It’s time to celebrate as Banks’ Business Solutions turns five years old this month!

Time really has flown by and I thought now would be a fantastic time to take a moment and reflect on my business over the past few years, and it made me realise some surprising snippets of information that shows just how much I’ve achieved during that time.

So, here you are, 5 interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Banks’ Business Solutions

It’s all in the virtual assistant services I offer in my business

When I started Banks’ Business Solutions, I didn’t quite expect it to go in the direction it has done in terms of WordPress website design, email marketing and certainly not GDPR!

Fact 1 – I’ve learned 8 new skills to support my clients

You don’t have the time to learn new skills which is why I’ve mastered several to be able to give you the support you need. They include:

  • MailChimp for managing subscriber lists and email marketing
  • WordPress to design some fantastic websites for my clients
  • Canva is one of the skills I’ve loved learning, image and template creation is so much fun!
  • Gsuite for collaborating with clients and associates
  • Google forms because fast data collection is so important for any business
  • Microsoft forms because it works seamlessly with other Microsoft applications
  • Social media management – a skill for myself and my clients
  • GDPR – yes, those dreaded 4 letters! I had little idea that trying to understand it for my business would turn into a skill I could use to help other business owners manage their data protection.

Learning these skills has led to new knowledge that I love using to benefit my clients and sharing my expertise online to help other business owners too. Which leads me to the next fact.

Fact 2 – I now provided 17 different virtual assistant services

Phew! That’s a lot!

But many work hand in hand with each other to support my clients in their projects and ongoing tasks. At the start of the year I wanted to reflect on the services I provide to ensure they’re the right match for my clients, and so I broke things down into a little more detail and discovered that:

I’ve created 11 WordPress websites since I started

I’ve helped 19 clients with their GDPR

18 clients receive my help with their email marketing and newsletters

I update and maintain 6 WordPress websites so their owners don’t have to worry about them

I help 6 clients with their social media management

18 clients have come to me for WordPress training and support

I’ve trained 5 clients in how to use Mailchimp

I create Canva documents and templates for 6 clients

I have 4 online customer support clients

I’ve created Google forms for 5 clients and a landing page for 1 client

I’ve supported 4 marketing projects

And, I’ve configured 4 online booking systems for my clients too!

I find it so interesting looking back at how many people I’ve helped with different services, whether providing those services directly or offering consultation and training to give them the skills and expertise needed for their tasks instead.

Let’s take a look at the legal and bookkeeping side of things

We all need the right legal and bookkeeping processes in place to ensure a well-run business, but they also help you to discover some interesting facts about how much you’ve achieved too.

Fact 3 – I’ve issued 150 virtual assistant agreements to clients

That’s 150 times a client has wanted to work with me, whether on a long-term basis or just a one-off project that’s needed an agreement putting in place to ensure we both get what we want out of the arrangement.

Agreements and contracts might seem scary but they’re important at establishing what you’ll do, when and how you’re going to be paid for it. That, in turn, helps your client to know what’s expected of them, what they can expect to achieve and when they need to pay you!

Fact 4 – I’ve raised 594 invoices for client work completed

Speaking of getting paid, I’ve raised 594 invoices to clients for work I’ve completed. While it hasn’t always been smooth sailing getting those invoices paid, I’ve learned a lot about bookkeeping and cash flow management during the last 5 years.

Fact 5 – In total, I’ve worked with 98 clients in 5 years

That’s 98 opportunities to work with amazing people on fantastic projects that I never dreamed I’d have the chance to support when I started my business.

So I’d just like to say thank you to my clients for their support and the opportunities they’ve come to me with over the past 5 years, and thanks to my associates and colleagues who have helped me along the way too. I’m very much looking forward to the next 5 years and what the facts might look like then!