The Client: Helens Holistic Therapies is run by Helen Taylor. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Reflexologist, and Meditation Teacher. She offers one-to-one Reflexology and Reiki treatments as well as distance healing sessions.

Service Provided

Helen was looking for support to create a new website in WordPress as her current site was written in HTML making it difficult to update. She also needed to move her hosting and ensure that her emails were migrated to the new hosting site.

I worked with Helen on a partnered project – this meant that I provided the basic setup of the website with a framework for her to add content to. Helen then added in her content and images following my training videos and we were able to test and update the site together before moving onto the new hosting.

The project allowed Helen to be fully supported with the technical aspects of the website design and ensured that she could carry out any future editing easily, by following the suite of training videos that she was provided with.

Helen said

Sarah helped me to recognise my own self-worth which I can bring forward into both my personal and business life”

Client Benefits

Helen now has a modern website, that is easy for her to update as her business grows. As her website is in WordPress she has more control over this and is able to use it to promote her business further.

“With Sarah’s help and extreme patience as I’m not really a techy person, I now have a new up to date website.”