Since starting my business a couple of months ago, I feel like life has been non-stop.  A sentiment I’m sure all you new business owners can relate too.

Not only am I working three days a week, but I have two young girls and a million and one tasks on my business to do list!

How do I balance it all?

Most days I work until late and have my phone permanently on so I can keep up with email and social media.

I doesn’t feel like I am achieving the work-life balance I was looking for yet.  But I am determined I will make this work. So am writing this whilst watching Frozen with my eldest daughter – multitasking at its best!

Thankfully my husband breaks up for the summer in July and from October I will be working solely on my business – then I hope that I will begin to achieve a better balance.  For now I will have dedicated family time, dedicated work time and times like now when I multi task.

Focus on work

What is essential is that I fully focus on the task in hand, especially when I sit down to work.  There is no time for procrastination. When I log on I get on – my PC can’t even keep up half the time!


Time management is critical as well as having clear goals of what I need to achieve, so I spend time each week writing (with pen and paper no less) a to do list – this helps me focus on a few key tasks so that when I start working I know exactly what I need to do. I then get down to the tasks in hand and only look at email or my facebook feed once I’ve achieved what I set out to do that day.

I will be sharing more tips on time management and email management over the coming week so please keep following my blog if you think these would be of use to you.

How do you juggle work and family life? How do you effectively manage your time and avoid distractions? Feel free to comment with any tips on how you manage it.