A VA’s Journey to Business Consultancy: Embracing Change and Diversification

Starting out as a Virtual Assistant my path was unclear – I wasn’t sure which services I wanted to focus on or how I would effectively deliver them to my clients. Unsure of what to do, I armed myself with a generic list of services sourced from the internet and set about trying to attract clients and figure things out along the way.

As I worked with different clients, patterns started to emerge. I noticed that while general administrative tasks were always in demand, there was a growing need for more technical skills, particularly in areas like website management and email marketing.

Acknowledging the need for technical skills to be of better help to my clients, I pursued training in specific areas such as website management and online course creation. This decision was pivotal in enabling me to provide specialised technical support and marked a transition from being a generalist VA to someone who could offer more targeted, technical support.

Transitioning to an Online Business Consultant

After several years, I evolved from being a VA to an Online Business Consultant. This new title more accurately represented the scope of my services, which had expanded beyond traditional VA tasks to include more strategic and consultative roles. As an Online Business Consultant, I was not just completing tasks; I was providing insights, strategies and solutions that addressed the core challenges faced by my clients.

As I approach the tenth anniversary of my business, my focus has increasingly shifted towards strategic business support. This involves a deep dive into the businesses of my clients, understanding their goals, challenges and the market in which they operate. My work with clients to develop strategies isn’t just about making immediate gains but is focused on long-term growth and sustainability.

This strategic element has become a key selling point in my services, allowing me to offer value that goes beyond day-to-day task management using a more holistic approach that looks at my clients’ businesses as a whole.

Providing Technical Support, Website Builds and Training Services

Technical support continues to be a significant part of my services, particularly for online courses and booking systems. I’ve also been building websites for clients that aren’t just digital spaces; they’re tailored platforms that effectively represent a business and its services.

Creating a website is more than just putting together a few pages; it’s about crafting a digital identity that resonates with the brand and its audience. For me, this is where my strategy and website-building services come together, enabling me to help my clients have a brand new website that also delivers in progressing their long-term growth goals.

Another key aspect of my service offering is training. It’s one thing to provide a solution; it’s another to empower clients to use that solution effectively. My training services are designed to ensure that clients are not just dependent on external support but have the skills and confidence to manage their business operations independently.

This approach has been instrumental in building long-term relationships with clients, as they appreciate the added value of not just receiving a service but also understanding how to implement their training effectively for their business.

Future Directions and Client Growth

Looking forward, my focus is on further refining my services in strategic business support, technical assistance, website development and training. These areas are not just about meeting the current needs of my clients; they are about anticipating future trends and preparing my clients to adapt and thrive in a dynamic business environment.

By focusing on these key areas, I aim to help my clients grow their businesses and, in turn, continue to evolve my services to meet their needs.

My transition from a general VA to an Online Business Consultant has been a journey of continuous learning, adaptation and growth. It highlights the importance of staying agile and responsive to the changing needs of the market and my clients.

I encourage you to reflect on your own business journey. How have you adapted and diversified your services? If you’re looking to explore these areas or need guidance on diversifying your business, feel free to reach out. Together, we can work towards enhancing your business strategy and achieving your goals.