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The Client: TBR College of Perinatal Emotional Health is run by Alex Heath. The business provides dedicated training to birth professionals, pre & postnatal specialists and HCPs.

I was recommended to Alex by another VA.

Service provided

Initially, Alex wanted me to come in and ensure that all the online apps and programmes she used were joined up so she could get the best out of them – at the time she was using Kajabi and Active Campaign and the two needed to be linked via Zapier. We also needed to set up a number of funnels for the launch of different courses in Active Campaign.TBR College of Perinatal Emotional Health: Creating Funnels

I supported Alex to connect Kajabi and Active Campaign via Zapier and worked with her on several launches using these systems. However, as with all systems this wasn’t perfect and in 2022 we decided to move away from Active Campaign and focus on making Kajabi work for both course delivery and funnels. This involved a full audit of both systems so that we could effectively transfer everything over.

Once this was completed I have continued to support Alex with live launches, ensuring all of the components in Kajabi were talking to each other as they should so that the launch could run as smoothly as possibly.

Although I’m no longer working with Alex, she knows that the systems that are in place now are working efficiently and effectively for her.

Alex said

“Sarah can generally do lots of complicated, lengthy tech tasks very quickly and efficiently. She is also able to offer solutions to problems that I thought had no solution.”

Client benefits

Photograph of Alex Heath Owner of TBR College

Alex Heath, Owner of TBR College

I was able to work with Alex to identify where she needed to improve her internal processes to be more effective and when she migrated back to Kajabi fully, she was able to focus on working with her clients knowing that the migration process was fully taken care of.

“Working with Sarah gives me back time, frees up my mind to focus on the things I am good at and helps me to feel supported. Sarah is simply brilliant and I trust her 100% with any task I give her. She is great.”