Tomorrow is Valentines Day – the day of love! And after a tough week, I thought it would be good to think about the things I love about my job, so here we go – the 6 reasons why I love being a Virtual Assistant…


1. I know my work makes a difference to my clients, I have always strived to do things that have a purpose – I once worked temporarily for an engineering firm and couldn’t see any purpose to my work, so the rest of my career was spent in the education system where I felt my work had a purpose. Now I talk to my clients and see the difference having me on board makes to their lives and this gives me the purpose I need.

2. I love learning new software and this drives me to develop my skills to be able to further meet my clients needs – since starting this business I have learnt to use WordPress, WishList Member, Mailchimp and LightBlue. The next software on my list to learn is Infusionsoft and LeadPages.

3. Sad as I am I love the boring jobs – data entry, writing emails, following processes, writing processes – the more the better.  I put some music on and get on with it!

4. I get to work with a variety of different people, my clients are all different, they have different needs and personalities, I change my style all day to meet their needs and love it! I’ve also found that my clients have become more then clients, some were friends before and I am pleased to say that they are all friends now!

lasting business build friendship

5. I don’t have to travel to work! I used to drive over 20 miles a day to work and back and it took me around two hours a day in commuting – now I don’t go further then the next village to drop my daughter at school, no sitting in traffic jams thinking of all the things I could be doing!

6. I see more of my family, I can honestly say I’ve never worked as hard as I work now, but I also see my family, even when I’m working I feel like I am with them, for example as I write this I have a large glass of red, and can hear my husband and daughters chatting about their day in the other room – what’s not to love about that?!!

I’d love to hear from you, what do you love most about your job?