The Client: The Trainers Training Company is run by Sharon Gaskin and helps freelance trainers to create successful businesses.  

Service provided 

Sharon and I connected in April 2018 via the KoffeeKlatch GDPR Support group; at this time, she was in the process of working out what she needed to do to ensure GDPR compliance.  However, she was short on time to complete her data audit work.  

KoffeeKlatch had produced a process for data audits and I used this to support Sharon with her GDPR preparation. We started with a call to discuss where she was with her compliance, identified her key systems and I then produced a full data audit document for her – part of this also involved liaising with third party processors to confirm their compliance as well.  

As we moved forward, we identified that Sharon also worked with a number of subcontractors who she would need GDPR agreements in place with which I helped her source froKoffeeKlatch; personalise for the subcontractors and get signed.  

Once I had completed my work, I was able to give Sharon a clear list of further actions to ensure she was as close to compliance as possible.  

In Spring 2019, Sharon contacted me again as she had a new team of subcontractors that also needed data processing agreements in place, and I have assisted with this as well.  

Client benefits  

Sharon was able to ensure she was prepared for GDPR with a clear list of actions and didn’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about this as she knew that she had me providing her with support. 

Sharon said 

Sarah helped me through GDPR.”