The Client: Suzie Rees Fundraising is run by Suzie Rees. The business provides grants fundraising support for small charities trusts and foundations

I met Suzie through the coworking space I joined in 2022 in Belper, Derbyshire.

Service provided

Suzie had a website that she had built in Wix but she wasn’t sure it could be found on Google and it needed some updates.

Initially, I gave her some advice on how to get a website found by Google in Wix – this isn’t always easy or obvious so if you do use Wix make sure you have checked you have completed all of the SEO tasks or get some advice on this.

Once we did this, I worked with Suzie to turn her 1-page website into a multi-page site with new branding and a blog. We also provided her with an SEO review to ensure the site was optimised as much as possible for Google.

Suzie said

“Sarah helped me update my website from an out-of-date one-page site to a comprehensive well-designed site with SEO. .”

Client benefits

Suzie now has a much more functional site, has received training videos on how to keep it updated as well being able to add blogs and can be found online by her potential clients.

“Sarah helped with something that had really been stressing me out as I knew it needed doing, but didn’t know where to start! Thanks so much, Sarah for doing a really fantastic job. You’ve been so patient and made everything really easy to understand. ”