The Client: SmallChange Media is run by Vicki Balint.  Vicki is an award-winning media professional with a passion for early literacy and a lifelong advocate of quality early childhood programs.  

Service provided 

Vicki required support with updates, maintenance and tidying up of one of her clients WordPress websites. 

Initially, we carried out a 15 minute diagnostic of the website and we can then moved forward with a list of maintenance tasks that needed to be done.   

During our review calls, we agreed the key updates that were required and fully explained to Vicki the importance of each of these. Using videos and checklist we worked with Vicki to produce a schedule for regular maintenance to the website.  

Following this initial project, we have also worked with Vicki to troubleshoot Revolution Slider and the MailChimp integration on this site, as well as providing a review update and troubleshooting for a further site.  

Vicki is based in the USA, but as we work virtually this wasn’t a barrier as we were able to arrange Zoom calls for updates and shared videos for training as the work progressed.  

Client benefits   

We asked Vicki how working with us has benefitted her and this is what she said:   

It’s much more efficient for me to work on what I do best and let Sarah do the technical tasks on WordPress. I’ve also learned so much from seeing the solutions and the videos provided.   Feeling less frustrated is always a good thing at the end of the workday! I also have gained confidence about my work because I know I can rely on Banks to help me troubleshoot a problem and come up with a solution very quickly. It’s very satisfying. Working with Sarah Banks is a terrific way to learn more about WordPress. It’s also such a benefit to be able to reach out to someone who can quickly and reliably solve a WordPress challenge. Love working with Sarah, she is such a pro and a delight to work with. I look forward to calling on her in the future whenever I need assistance!”