The Client: Pinto Leadership Solutions provide custom leadership solutions for all levels of employee from hourly to senior executives. They primarily focus on training up to senior management and then focus on coaching.     

Service provided 

I was introduced to Phil via another VA as he required Google Forms creating for use with his coaching clients.   

Based on the information provided in a Word document, I designed and built two Google Forms with conditional logic – this means that the questions posed varied depending on the answers given. This allowed us to provide tailored messages to potential coaching clients to ensure that the type of support offered by Pinto Leadership solutions was appropriate.  

Once the forms were created and tested, I connected them to Google Sheets and sent Phil a video with details of how to enable email notifications for new form completions.  

This was a short project but one that was very valuable to the client!  

Sarah was fantastic at creating our intake and application forms. Her great work and professionalism allowed me to concentrate on the work I am good at rather than spending hours trying to create the forms.  

Client benefits  

Having support to create these online forms allowed Phil to concentrate on his coaching work and meant that he wasn’t stressed with trying to learn a new system to create the forms himself.  

Here is what had had to say:  

Working with Sarah gave me back much needed time, reducing my overall stress.  I highly recommend Sarah! She is efficient, professional, and dedicated to ensuring a quality customer experience.