In this interview, I talk to Nikki Roy who runs Body Mechanics. I’ve worked with Nikki since 2019.

Nikki is a corporate health and well-being specialist and she offers massage to individuals as well as well-being solutions to businesses across the south of England.

What were the biggest challenges in your business before you started to outsource?

The problem mainly was overwhelm. When you’re a small business owner, you’re trying to do lots of things at once and you can’t necessarily give each one the attention they deserve. So, I felt I was being pulled in all directions and it was becoming stressful, I couldn’t ever do anything well. It became clear that I needed to outsource to get additional support and help.

How have you found the process of finding the support you need and working with freelancers?

Initially, I found it very difficult to hand my baby over to someone. It’s like giving a part of you away but once you get used to that and establish working processes and you get that rapport, that relationship in place, things become a lot easier. I gained more direction in my business and became more purposeful with my time. My stress levels went down. I could work on bigger projects. All those projects in the background that I couldn’t really move forward with before. So, working with people like you, outsourcing, they can always do it quicker and better than you. I think that’s the thing that you forget when you’re a business owner, you try to do everything all at once.

Outsource it to specialists who deal with this and have processes and knowledge and the technology in place and it completely changes everything. It’s really moved my business forward.

What have been the benefits to you both personally and in your business from outsourcing?

The biggest thing is feeling like I’ve got more confidence in moving things forward and thinking bigger because I now have the capacity to do that with the help of others. If your client facing for the day and you’ve still got admin, social media and newsletters being created, it’s incredibly reassuring and your stress just goes away.

You schedule certain work in for certain times. You know how things are going to work,  when there are going to be demanding times, when there’s going to be times to look at other things like business development or when to slow down. I think it’s given me more balance and knowing that I can bounce ideas. That things are taken care of when I’m not there. That’s been huge.

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Nikki’s Bio

Nikki Roy

Nikki Roy

Body Mechanics

Nikki is the Founding Director of Body Mechanics Remedial Ltd, a UK based corporate health and wellbeing specialist. She set up the business back in 2011 as a direct response to her own personal experience of a work related injury. Nikki felt there was a noticeable gap in the perceived duty of care of an employer towards their employee and the actual support available through corporate health and wellbeing.  Now in 2023, the business has grown, and Nikki has built a team of highly skilled therapists, focusing on physical, mental and financial health and wellbeing, to work specifically with corporate businesses. There is huge potential for corporate businesses to maximise their business results through health and wellbeing programmes, as they positively affect all areas; talent attraction and retention, employee engagement, employer brand, productivity and profitability. Nikki and the rest of the team at Body Mechanics Remedial want to help businesses fulfil that potential and to ensure their business success.