Why You Should Be Implementing An Online Booking System On Your Website

Streamlining business processes is crucial in reducing your workload and helping you take your business to the next level in terms of growth and success.Why you should be implementing an online booking system on your website

One of the biggest issues many small business owners face is trying to manage their diary and appointment system. Whether they run a yoga class, own a small salon, offer holistic therapies or perhaps offer consulting services; if you need your clients to book in with you for a session then an online booking system is something you should be implementing on your website.

What is an online booking system?

An online booking system is an app or plugin on your website that allows a customer to book, pay for, and manage an appointment. It’s essentially an online appointment book where your clients can pick their preferred time and make a booking.

Some online booking systems are quite basic and will allocate a time slot to that customer and email you the details, while others can take your clients through various stages of choosing a package/appointment type, adding any extras, uploading files/adding extra info, and making a payment in advance.

So, what are the benefits of using an online booking system on your website and how can it help you to streamline your business processes?

It’s easier to make bookings with clients

How many emails does it usually take to arrange a meeting with a new client? One to ask if they’re ready to book, another with available times and dates, a third to suggest new times and dates and a fourth to confirm?

The back and forth of arranging an appointment can be frustrating and time-consuming, and it’s something that an online booking system can solve with just a few clicks.

The online booking system syncs with your diary and you decide when to offer sessions and appointments. So, all your clients have to do is visit the web link, choose the time and date that works for them and book it. You both get a confirmation email and that’s it! So much time and energy saved.

Plus, the appointment is synced with both your diaries so there’s no forgetting about it.

You can arrange video calls through an online booking system

One of the best aspects of online booking systems for me is their integration with video call apps like Zoom. Not only can an appointment be booked, but a video call link created immediately that you both join at the allocated time.

It makes life so much easier when you can just look at your diary each day and know that there’s a link ready to be clicked on for your 2 pm discovery call. You don’t need to hunt through emails to find the link, you don’t need to create a video meeting and send the link to your client just before; it’s all been taken care of for you.

Online booking systems can help with contact tracing

The way we do business has drastically changed in the past few months, and for many business owners delivering services at their premises, contact tracing is a new requirement to be dealing with.

Many business owners are refusing entry unless pre-booked and an online booking system is a fantastic way to get those bookings made in advance and collect the required information for contact tracing in your area.

One thing to look out when deciding on your online booking system is that it’s GDPR compliant and that any information collected is safely held and stored. You will need to add your chosen booking system to your data audit and relevant policies to stay compliant with data protection law.

Hopefully, you can see how an online booking system can benefit your business. Whether you work from home or from business premises, if you meet with or talk to customers as part of what you do, make things easier for yourself and book your appointments online.